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Google doodle celebrates Alessandro Volta’s 270th birth anniversary

New Delhi: Google doodle on Wednesday celebrated 270th birth anniversary of battery inventor Alessandro Volta with a doodle on its homepage.

A simple click on doodle shows a battery lighting up the letters in the word Google.

Alessandro Volta was born in 1745 in the town of Como. He became a professor of physics in 1774 at Como’s Royal School before going on to work on the development of the ‘electrophorus’, a device that produced static electricity.

With respect to Alessandro Volta’s contribution to the electrical science that the unit of electrical potential came to be known as volt.

The Italian physicist died on March 5, 1827. A museum was built in his memory which displayed some of his experimental equipment.


What Arvind Kejriwal Said In His Victory Speech: News By- Shama Dadlani


What Arvind Kejriwal Said In His Victory Speech

Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party has won the Delhi election

NEW DELHI: Arvind Kejriwal, whose Aam Aadmi Party has scored a historic victory in the Delhi election, on Tuesday warned his party men against arrogance.

“Don’t get arrogant, the Congress and the BJP were defeated because of arrogance. We have to do a lot of work for Delhi,” Mr Kejriwal said in his first remarks to exultant party workers at AAP’s central Delhi office.

He was speaking when AAP was racing to an unprecedented 60-plus seats in the 70 member Delhi assembly.

The 46-year-old former taxman admitted to being overwhelmed by the scale of his victory.

“The people of Delhi have achieved something spectacular. It is very scary, the kind of support the people of Delhi have given us,” he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, when AAP looked set for a gigantic majority, Arvind Kejriwal spoke to NDTV about his agenda.

“This is the people’s victory. My first priority will be to end “rishvatkhori”(bribes),” he said.

Mr Kejriwal will return as Delhi’s chief minister for the second time. A year ago, his abrupt resignation after 40 days in power left him facing considerable criticism. He issued many apologies and admitted that he had made a mistake. Tuesday’s results mean Delhi has forgiven the man that the BJP nicknamed “Bhagoda (runaway) CM.”

“I had no nervous moments, we knew people were with us,” he said.

Despite living with a small team of security personnel in the past year, the activist turned politician insisted today that he does not want any security. ” I promise to be the janta’s Chief Minister and end corruption and VIP culture. I am an ordinary man, I want to remain an ordinary man,” he asserted.

On defeating former associate Kiran Bedi, who was his main rival in the election, Mr Kejriwal said, “I will not say anything rude about Kiran Bedi.”

Throughout the campaign in the Delhi elections, Mr Kejriwal maintained that Ms Bedi, who joined the BJP last month, was “a very nice lady in the wrong party.

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Delhi Election Results: Arvind Kejriwal to NDTV as Trends Showed AAP Win: News by- Shama Dadlani


Delhi Election Results: Arvind Kejriwal to NDTV as Trends Showed AAP Win

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal

NEW DELHI:  As his party looked set to form the next government in Delhi, with a gigantic majority, Delhi’s next chief minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke exclusively to NDTV this morning.

“This is the people’s victory. My first priority will be to end “rishvatkhori”(bribes),” he said.

He also said, “I had no nervous moments, we knew people were with us. I promise to be the janta’s Chief Minister and end corruption and VIP culture.”

The 46-year-old taxman turned activist turned politician said, “I am an ordinary man, I am Janta ka CM.”

“I will not say anything rude about Kiran Bedi,” Mr Kejriwal said when asked to comment about his main rival for the post of chief minister in these elections. Throughout the campaign in the Delhi elections, Mr Kejriwal maintained that Ms Bedi, who joined the BJP last month, was “a very nice lady in the wrong party.”

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Shreya Ghoshal ties the knot with childhood sweetheart Shiladitya: News By- Shama Dadlani

Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal got hitched to her boyfriend Shiladitya in a private ceremony. The ‘Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu’ singer took to Twitter to share her happiness with her fans and shared her wedding picture. Sherya looked stunning as a quintessential Bengali bride. The 30-year-old tweeted- Married the love of my life @shiladitya last night surrounded by our families n close frnds, exciting new life awaits. Shreya’s husband Shiladitya Mukhopadhya is the founder of

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‘Yennai Arindhaal’ Movie Review: Audience Live Responses : News By- Shama Dadlani

Yennai Arindhaal

“Yennai Arindhaal” starring Ajith Kumar, Trisha Krishnan and Anushka Shetty  has opened to mixed reviews. However, the fans of Thala are impressed by the romantic-action drama directed by Gautham Menon.

The movie tells the story of a man’s journey, from the age of 13 till the age of 38. The tale revolves around the people whom he meets in his life during the afore-mentioned period. Ajith plays the role of Satyadev and Trisha Krishnan is his wife named Hemanika in “Yennai Arindhaal”. Other key characters are Anushka Shetty as Thenmozhi, Arun Vijay as Victor and Vivek as Revolver Richard.

Audience Reviews
“Yennai Arindhaal” is being praised for Ajith’s strong screen presence, Arun Vijay’s enegetic performance, Trisha’s lovely looks and a decent story. The father-daughter bonding part is touching to the heart and Menon has capured the emotions well. The other plus points are music departments and cinematography by Dan Macarthur. Click here for more News…

AIB Roast, No Longer Online, Runs Into New Trouble: 10 Developments: By Shama Dadlani


Here are the 10 latest developments in this controversy:
  1. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said that if the event, which was held in a Mumbai stadium in December, is found to have violated any laws, strict action will follow.
  2. A state government board that assigns permits for live events and decides on the suitability of the content allegedly plans to ask the Mumbai Police to investigate the AIB roast.
  3. The board alleges that the letter that sought a permit withheld crucial information about what the event would involve and referred only broadly to a comedy event.
  4. AIB – which is made up of four comedians – tweeted last night that the early 90-minute long roast had been deleted from YouTube.
  5. The government has been criticised for moral policing by many who say it is using technicalities for illegitimate censorship.
  6. The roast was attended by 4,000 people including Bollywood A-listers. Its reviews were not all positive – some found the jokes were in poor taste, and too expletive-heavy, but many said that’s the point of a roast.
  7. Censor Board member Ashok Pandite added a new installment to the controversy yesterday with a crude tweet about director Karan Johar, who served as Roast-Master Mr Pandite said he agreed with those who feel AIB was “porn.”
  8. Karan Johar, in an apparent response to Mr Pandite, tweeted, “Not your cup of tea…don’t drink it!!!”
  9. Cultural Affairs Minister Vinod Tawde had originally said an inquiry would determine if the event violated public decency laws, but later said any probe would focus on licenses and clearances.
  10. At least two police cases have been filed against the event, alleging that it violated religious sentiments.

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Super Bowl

Nationwide ran an ad on preventable childhood death. Carnival struck a somber note with a voiceover by John F. Kennedy speaking lyrically about the sea. And a public service announcement by coalition No More depicted a chilling 911 call from a battered woman to demonstrate the terror of domestic abuse.
Other advertisers had positive, albeit equally serious themes: McDonald’s said it would let some customers pay with acts of kindness, Coca-Cola showed online negativity and bullying turning positive and Procter & Gamble’s ad for its Always feminine products brand tried to redefine what it means to do things like a girl.

“It’s a shame there aren’t any commercials for antidepressants because these commercials make me want some,” said Jon Early, who was watching the game in New York with friends. “Football is supposed to be an escape.”

The serious tone is an effort to win over Americans who have a lower tolerance for crass ads with an overuse of sexually explicit themes and sophomoric humor. They also have short attention spans these days, thanks to bite-sized communication of social media.

The serious spots were a continuation of a trend that started last year when advertisers shied away from the tactics that had been commonplace during Super Bowl. The difference this year is that many of the serious ads had an overarching “message” to live better, think better and be better.

With 30-second ads costing $4.5 million for the chance to market their brand to 110-plus million Americans, advertisers were trying to make their mark by marketing socially-conscious messages. In the process, they hoped to boost the image of their brands.

“The Super Bowl reflects what’s happening in the country,” said Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. “Maybe in the country today we’re a little more reflective and a little more pensive.” cilck here for more…